LEUKOTAPE K   CARNE   mt 5 x 5 cm

LEUKOTAPE K mt 5 x 5 cm

Elastic patch for neuromuscolar taping
5 pieces pack
7,90 €
12,50 €


Producer: Bsn Medical

It can be considered the best elastic patch for neuromuscolar taping, it is produced by the German BSN Medical the most important and historic company in the patches and dressings sector. This bandage has unidirectional elasticity equal to skin and it’s characterized by an adhesive polyacrylate hypoallergenic mass spreading wave to ensure the best adhesion in any condition and also to activate the operation that characterizes neuromuscular therapy or Kinesiotaping. It’s water vapor resistant and it can be used for a long period or even for weeks. The physiological effects that characterize the relevant application of the product include blood and lymphatic flow increase, pain decrease, proper joint alignment and ideal muscle tension reinstatement. The bandage shapes skin convolutions and increases the interstitial space between inflamed muscle and skin, then reduces the pressure on the receptors and allows the lymphatic system to drain. It’s available in flesh tone, red, blue.