STRAPPAL  mt 10 x 5 cm

STRAPPAL mt 10 x 5 cm

Kinesio taping patch
6 pieces pack
4,50 €
7,20 €


Producer: Bsn Medical

It represents the undisputed reference point in the patch elastic taping world. The inextensible fibers of which the support is made provide an effective joint stabilization. The hypoallergenic zinc oxide adhesive is characterized by a high selfadherence (adhesiveness on itself) and by a limited adhesiveness on the skin: this feature allows greater resistance to strong tractions without disturb the skin. It’s simple to remove with hands, thanks to the serrated edge allowing a fast application and free of lint. Lacking of terpene resins is also indicated for whom have hypersensitive to commun patches. It’s indicated in sports traumatology to limit particular movements of articulation (functional bandage) and in case of prevention (taping).