ELASTOMULL HAFT  mt 20 x 8 cm

ELASTOMULL HAFT mt 20 x 8 cm

Fixation elastic cohesive bandage
5 pieces pack
7,70 €


Producer: Bsn Medical

It is a soft and delicate fixation elastic cohesive bandage very well tolerated by skin, the coating of latex microparticles causes each turn of the bandage adheres to the one below. It does not slip even if applied at the joints, it does not stick to hair, skin and clothing. The special light and breathable weaving technique and the use of polyamide rippled highly elastic yarns give an excellent elasticity and extensibility to the bandage that allows freedom of movement eliminating the risk of congestion or constriction. It can be used as a bandage slip under a compression bandage, as slight compression and support bandage or dressing as medication treatment fixing.