GAZOFIX  mt 4 x 8 cm

GAZOFIX mt 4 x 8 cm

Cohesive bandage support
10 pieces pack
2,00 €


Producer: Bsn Medical

It’s a delicate cohesive bandage support with a high cotton content, very well tolerated by skin and coated by latex microparticles which ensure that each turn of the bandage firmly adheres to the one below, and not to skin and hair. It does not create "lace effect" and does not slip, even if applied at the joints, indeed the light and solid texture promotes good bandage conformability to tapered, conical body parts subject to movements as well. It can be used as a support bandage for sprains or trauma, such as in sports or preventive bandage for fixing dressings and plaster cast. Its slim thickness allows finally to use in the ankles keep wearing shoes.